The love story centered around farming

I posted this on social media recently, even though I decided to collect all the links together and post it here.

It is just too awesome not to share! This is a real life textbook romance in my eyes, and has totally changed the way I look at these two people.

I read about two people who met in the 60s. The guy was a veteran, there to bust some heads, and his woman was a hippie. They didn’t fight, though, they fell in love, and decided to run off and become marijuana farmers as a pair. The woman knew all about marijuana from the other hippies, and knew a lot about botany because that’s what she had studied in school. The man didn’t seem like the type to get involved with weed, even though he had grown up on a farm and thought that no plants should be considered illegal. His woman handled the ins and outs of growing the cannabis plants, with the man as her assistant, and through hard work they got a very sizable operation up and running. From there the woman hired a couple local kids to help her tend the cannabis, and her man took charge of security. Any marijuana farm will attract enemies, including rival pot farmers, thieves, and of course the law. This is where the guy’s military history was important, because he carried a rifle and built man-traps around the outside of the cannabis field. Dealing with the law was also easy for him, because he was a country boy, and just bribed the local cops with bags of cannabis and turned potential enemies into shoppers.


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