A few missing items from the cannabis order

This past Monday evening it was raining and I did not truly wish to go outside.

My bestie and I were planning to go to lunch and a movie with a handful of friends, but I decided to do something else.

We decided to stay in my residence that evening. We ordered some movies on Pay-Per-View and all of us got a couple of pizzas delivered from the restaurant in the area. Since it was a dark and gloomy evening, my bestie said that we should all choose to do something fun and different. She thought it would be wonderful to order some recreational cannabis supplies from a dispensary in town. Initially, I thought my bestie was joking, but she was definitely serious! It sounded pretty fun to be honest and all of us went online to look at the menu. The dispensary had plenty of options and my bestie and I were overwhelmed with all the choices. We ordered a couple of unusual items and all of us spent $69 so all of us would qualify for free delivery. It was relatively easy to spend $69, because the numerous bags of edible cannabis treats were $50 alone. Approximately 50 minutes after all of us made the order, the driver was knocking on our front door. My bestie and I were quite shocked by the prompt arrival of our driver. Sadly, the guy forgot to bring all of the items that all of us had in our cart. I mean, just a small number of things were missing and the guy had to return to the dispensary. Happily, he left everything else with us so all of us could get our evening going. As soon as he left, all of us lit up one of the indica pre rolls and smoked it completely.

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