It was hard doing cannabis deliveries without my frosty season jacket

My girlfriend plus I decided to go out with a few friends on Sunday night plus I left my frosty season jacket sitting in the back of her truck.

  • I actually was wearing the jacket towards the beginning of the night, but I was sizzling after going to see several clubs plus I tossed my jacket in the backseat.

When I woke up this morning plus got ready for work, I came to the realization that my jacket was missing. It was only 26 degrees outside that morning plus I was due to make deliveries at the medical marijuana shop. I did not have enough time at all to drive over to the campus plus wake up my girlfriend so she could retrieve my jacket. It would have added an additional ninety minutes to my morning. I put a t-shirt on in addition to a long-sleeved button-up shirt, sweatshirt, plus windbreaker. It’s the best I could manage without my heavy Winter season coat! The sun wasn’t shining in the least when I got to my task plus the temperature was still in the upper twenties. I had 5 deliveries waiting when I arrived. I left the store plus headed across the neighborhood to start my morning route. The sun did not start shining until the afternoon. I had a fairly taxing time delivering all of the cannabis products. My hands were shaking a great deal plus my teeth were chattering. A lot of medical marijuana patients asked me why I wasn’t wearing appropriate clothing for the Winter season. I actually was sick of explaining over plus over again that I was easily forgetful plus not prepared to join the Polar Bear Club… Obviously, I did not have the desire to shake plus shiver that morning at work.
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