Natural Terpenes have many medical benefits

Terpenes occur in many natural plants, but terpenes affect our body depending on the level or concentration.

  • Terpenes can produce the most charming sense and flavor.

Terpenes are used in the number of aromatherapy healing procedures. There are many different terpenes, however some of the better known ones include linalool, humulene, pinene, limonene, and mirror scene, beta caryophyllene is also a natural terpene found within plants and proteins. Beta caryophyllene tastes like pepper or cloves. It has been proven to reduce the pain level in subjects in many scientific studies. In one particular study, the terpene was shown to reduce nerve pain and inflammation when used as a long-term treatment option, and some of the best cannabis strains are rich in terpenes, however natural terpenes add a great deal of flavor to wax and shatter, so I try to look for strains and manufacturers that keep the natural terpenes of the plant or add them back after the process is over. I do not like cannabis products that contain synthetic terpenes. I can tell the difference in the flavor, and the medical benefits aren’t as great without natural terpenes. The last time I went to a cannabis dispensary, I found a brand new product. The cannabis concentrate product is made from the live plant and all of the natural terpenes are still intact. The cannabis concentrate product is dark in color and tastes a lot like a plant. Some people don’t like this type of concentrate, but I prefer the natural terpene cannabis products that contain the most amount of healing properties.