Durban Poison is a sweet and old school sativa

The two of us knew not much about marijuana & cannabis items when we begin to use the plant.

The two of us believed that the plants were stimulating plus a lot of the strains would make us go to sleep.

It seems that there is a lot of people who don’t know much about CBD products. CBD products are somewhat amazing and actually stimulating. It’s crazy for the two of us not to have pre-existing knowledge on the brain’s tolerance for these molecules. It is incredibly important to think about how the cannabinoids affect our body. The body has its own system for using these cannabinoids and scientists have been able to find about 100 different cannabinoids within the human body. We wanted to educate ourselves on marijuana and all of the uses so we decided to find some products that contained the terpenes that we needed most for happiness. One of the strange things that we looked into was Girl Scout cookies. This hybrid is a mix of Durban Poison and old OG Kush. Girl Scout cookies is one of the cannabis strains that is most popular and there are many different popular hybrids that come from this particular strain. The genetic Origins make it have a very low flowering time and an extremely high heeled. It is the absolute perfect mix of Durban Poison as well as OG Kush. These two together make you feel energized without making the two of us feel like we are going to fall asleep on the couch like most other Indica dominant strains.

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