My air travel is easier when I consume CBD edibles to quell my anxiety

Obviously a year of unemployment had me eager to start my new job regardless of the warnings I received from my superiors.

I told them that I wanted a job where I could travel all of the time, but they warned me that many have come and gone in my exact job position over the past few years.

A lot of their high turnover rate has to do with the constant traveling. People often think that their lives would be better if they could travel constantly during their work hours if not on their own free time. I felt the same way, but after a year of getting on and off planes every other week, I’m starting to get burned out on this job. It’s stressful, especially on cramped flights where you are barraged by crying babies and frightening air turbulence. I had to find some way of relaxing on these flights without turning into an alcoholic. One day I saw a CBD store in an airport and decided to see why everyone is so obsessed with it. The store clerk was kind and gave me a free CBD edible to try while I waited in the airport for my layover flight to arrive. It immediately quelled my anxiety about 30 minutes after I first ate it. I ran back to the CBD store before my flight arrived to buy some of their CBD edibles. These full spectrum CBD edibles have been amazing for my stress and anxiety while I’m traveling. If I make sure to get CBD products with a lot of myrcene inside, they typically help with my joint pain as well. Some people tell me to simply take Benadryl to sleep on planes, but it doesn’t work as well for me as it does for others. That’s why I love CBD edibles—I can consume them in any location or environment, and they actually work every single time.


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