Sativa strains take longer to grow and harvest

This state has at least 100,000 different patients that are inside of the medical cannabis and marijuana program.

The people I was with an addition to myself have been a regular patient since year a single.

Then the products weren’t available to patients and there was no competition to secure the number one products at dispensaries. We certainly have more weed dispensaries Now but there is still a problem with scarcity. The people I was with in addition to myself feel that many of these companies literally sell their products before they actually hit the Shelf. This creates a forced Market that allows them to withhold all quality products unless the inferior products have been sold out already. It is completely frustrating week after week to see all of the dried flower products at 15% THC. The dispensaries run out of the streams and then they try to restock with fresh as well as also strong dried cannabis buds. It is frustrating if you pay on seasoned as well as stale flour products days before the up-to-date restocked. Many other factors limit our supply of marijuana products that are found on dispensary shelves. There are many more in there cuz from one single week to the next single week because the indicator is usually have high heels during Harvest. They produce more plants for much less money. Sativa plants have lower yields and can take more time. It seems that the THC pricing doesn’t even have much to do with the actual percentage.
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