The cannabis shop owner has to start and finish the entire process

My friends felt distraught wondering if official cannabis being legalized would corrupt all of the corporate interest.

The people I was with in addition to myself or easily distraught to see products like Marlboro greens at a gas station.

This was a big worry but certainly not how things really played out in many of the states. Some of the states have cannabis markets made of medium size, small, as well as important Time Players. Other states have vertical integration that is mandatory for cannabis licenses. It is important to operate the business from the sale and Sue the seed. In this state you have to be a grower and owned a large corporation in order to have stores inside the state. There is currently only a single dispensary Nationwide that has been able to break the barrier for entry. They operate are they house delivery repair separate from a physical location for their dispensary. We easily have twenty or more cannabis shop Statewide but the barrier is much too high and the licenses actually cost a fortune. It’s almost necessary to have 10 million dollars before you can even think about selling or growing marijuana plants. It is shameful that these vertical integration rules have corrupted the house marijuana industry. There are a lot of small farms and small businesses that would be able to otherwise sell their cannabis products, but because they don’t have tens of millions of dollars for large facilities and distribution operations, they can’t actually sell anything to the public. There are just a lot of Hoops and hurdles that the government makes us pass.


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