Getting the most from physical therapy with medical cannabis

I haven’t ever experienced such a Catch 22 in my life. Being injured but needing the flexibility and motivation to do physical therapy to heal properly was such a fine line. When I first started the physical therapy after surgery to repair a back injury, I was still leaning on the pain medications. This was before I found medical marijuana. With the pain meds, I would simply load up before and after the physical therapy session just to get through them. However, I quickly learned that this sort of plan was not at all sustainable. Soon, I could tell that I was developing a dependency on the pain meds. That led me to dump those meds and seek an alternative. Through some online research, I stumbled across some cannabis information. I was really surprised to learn about the medical marijuana benefits when it came to recovery, flexibility and physical rehabilitation. I quickly figured out how to get a medical marijuana card and got myself to a cannabis dispensary. From there, I’ve been so pleased by the results I’ve experienced since beginning treatment with medical marijuana. I’m able to naturally manage pain but the flexibility and motivation to do the PT is what really did the trick. Medical marijuana allowed me to approach my PT with a vigor and commitment that got me back to a normal life. Without the cannabis products I use, there is no way that I make the recovery that I have made. Cannabis products have just made it so much easier to give my all to the physical therapy.

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