I used to be anti weed

I feel so bad for the way I once dismissed migraines.

There were some people I once worked with who were plagued by migraines and yet I thought they were being silly.

To me, there wasn’t a headache in the world that would put me down physically. That is until it happened to me. Thankfully, I was able to finally find medical marijuana and get the medical marijuana benefits that allow me to manage migraine episodes. I was deeply changed by this experience that I truly found those former co-workers to apologize for my disdain and ignorance. It was this act of contrition that would lead to my liberation from cyclical migraine episodes. One of those former colleagues sent me some cannabis information. This was a seminal moment in my life. I had always been fairly anti-weed. It’s the way I was brought up and due to all the stupid myths surrounding cannabis products. But the medical marijuana benefits that I learned about in that first cannabis information was stunning. I had no idea that there were so many medical uses for marijuana. This got me to get through the cannabis rules to get access to the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis flower products that I now use have changed everything for me. Within the first few weeks, my migraines were lessened in intensity and volume. This result only continued to improve. I’ve now gone 90 days without missing any time from work due to migraines. This is all the proof I need that medical cannabis allows me to manage my situation so I can live my life.



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