Medical cannabis is helping me get through treatment

This is not our first rodeo when it comes to cancer treatment.

I went through chemo and radiation a few years ago for cancer that was caught in the early stages.

It has come back and I have to go through treatment again. But this time, I have medical marijuana on our side. This is something that I made sure would happen given our experience with chemo the first time. Several people advised that I navigate the medical marijuana rules to get access to cannabis products that first time around. I didn’t believe too much of it and that was a large mistake. The chemo is hard anyway even though I entirely suffered with nausea in such a way that I ended up being put on IV for extended periods of time. It was just an annoying experience. So when I finally got through all of that and into remission, I knew that I needed access to a cannabis dispensary. The likelihood that I was going to need more treatment was pretty nice given my form of cancer. Being prepared with the cannabis flower products that help with nausea was a fundamental priority. I’m so blissful because medical cannabis has made dealing with chemo so genuinely much more manageable. Not only does the cannabis flower products help me manage the nausea, even though I even get an appetite when treating with medical marijuana. This has been key this time because I’m eating the healthy food that is aiding in our treatment and helping my body heal. I’m entirely thankful that I can rely on medical marijuana to get me through another round of chemo.

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