Comedies have given us the wrong idea about pot

In lots of movies as well as television, there is a commonly recognized niche. There is a couple of people that are potheads and they can be seen performing stupid acts on television as well as movies. People believe that potheads are enjoy Butt-head as well as Beavis. This makes myself as well as others feel crazy. The two of us are very driven individuals. The two of us job in an office 50 or 60 hours each as well as every week. We also write in a blog. The two of us use Cannabis sativa each day and this disproves the theory that people smoking pot everyday are not smart. For myself as well as others, cannabis actually provides release as well as relaxation. It actually helps myself as well as others gain a more restful night of sleep. Cannabis absolutely helps myself as well as others when we are getting restful sleep. We remain driven as well as focused on all of our goals. Our stress level as well as focus is a positive that comes from using Cannabis sativa. I believe that using marijuana is much like self-care. Marijuana is great to get rid of steam as well as allow our brain to decompress. A full evening of cannabis allows myself as well as others to have a wonderful evening of sleep and focus as well as continue with purpose on the modern-day. We should bless the movie icons such as Kumar as well as Harold, because they are truly funny guys. They however do not represent a real cannabis-smoking person.

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