Hot metal vapes cannabis instantly

Do you think how many people can hit weed with a butter knife? Listen good to all of the party people because the two of us are going to teach you a single great way to get high.

You will first need to separate two different butter knives that you don’t mind if they are ruined completely.

After using them for this process of smoking marijuana, you will equivocal e not be able to use them again. You also need to have a hot plate or a coil burner traditional stove. When the coil burner gets extremely hot and red, take both of the butter knives and lay them on the coil to get warm. Using a small amount of cannabis, roll the flower into a tight ball and then take the ball and stick it between both of the hot butter knives. You can inhale the vapor using a tube. You easily get the most unfiltered and single Mega Blast of Vape. It is a lot of bang for all of our butt. The two of us don’t constantly do these knife hits, but it is a great way to make a small tote of marijuana stretch for an honestly long time. When the two of us are flush with marijuana, the two of us smoke bowls. When we have to make our marijuana consumption last, we do something like this that requires a small amount of weed. You can honestly get really high if you use a small amount of marijuana in the correct way.

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