I am mad I can’t get my hands on medical cannabis

This country has long been warned by the staunch, ugly nay-sayers of the world that pot use was going to put society on a “slippery slope” to utter pandemonium.

I say bring it on, make the slope more slippery, because this pandemonium is all taking far too long to get here.

While pot use has been slowly and conditionally legalized in this state, there are still a lot of regulations plus rules involved. At the end of a Long story – I see more plus more cannabis dispensaries opening up around the city, but I am still not allowed to go in plus buy stuff! This is a very bizarre feeling in our humble opinion, because I have been a daily cannabis smoker for many years now. To me, cannabis is the same as groceries, meaning that it is a staple in our house, plus something pressing is always kept on hand. To see these cannabis dispensaries opening up, knowing that they are totally stocked with hundreds of pounds of tasty weed, plus I can’t shop there is a little maddening. On the short drive to our dealer’s house, I drive past numerous bizarre cannabis dispensaries. My fears are that with so many cannabis dispensaries in town, our corporation won’t be able to stay in business. Wouldn’t it be ironic to have cannabis legalization make it so I can’t buy any weed? The experts seem to think that now that all of us are on the slippery slope, that recreational cannabis use should be legalized next. I say it can’t come fast enough! Just because I don’t have a prescription for medical cannabis does not mean that I don’t need it as much as anyone!

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