My date was enamored with our medical cannabis

I am very new to the whole online dating thing, but that may sound silly to you, but I am 40-something, plus I have been married for the last more than nine years or so.

That marriage ended up crashing and falling apart during COVID19, for reasons I won’t get into here.

Trapped inside, feeling lonely, I had little recourse except to try out a few dating apps. This led to meeting a lot of interesting people who didn’t enjoy my company, plus uninteresting people who did enjoy me, then eventually I got a few dates out of it, the best of which was a comely young lady who wanted to meet me at the local cannabis cafe. Although I wasn’t square, because I had been prescribed medical cannabis 2 years ago, I was still very concerned about going to the cafe; My medical cannabis was shipped to me discreetly, plus paid for it all remotely, so very few people knew that I was 420 friendly. This girl was super cute, though, so I decided to bite the bullet plus meet her at the cannabis cafe, then it ended up being a super fun evening, but she enjoyed the food more than I did. The two of us went back to our condo plus I pulled out our “Weed box” filled with all the bizarre strains of medical cannabis I have. I enjoy trying bizarre kinds of medical cannabis each time I locale an order, so I still have nugs from a dozen bizarre orders in bizarre compartments of my weed box. I think our date liked our medical cannabis more than she liked me!