Seeing a flick can be lots of fun with weed

The two of us have many rules for our flick evening.

This is something all of us get together and do on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is easily a large group of us as well as the two of us each take turns hosting the event. There are a few typical rules that the two of us abide by. The two of us watch horror or comedy movies without a single exception. The person hosting supplies all of the candy, alcohol, as well as popcorn. There is another rule that we allow no children or teenagers. You can bring guests as long as they are not under the age of 21. My friends as well as myself prefer to use cannabis on the movie nights as well. Marijuana is one feature of the evening and teenagers would certainly make things harder. My marijuana preference is an old-fashioned joint. It is one easy way to get everyone to enjoy the marijuana. Some people prefer blunts, but the two of us do not like the taste of a cigar. Cigars don’t taste wonderful like marijuana. I consistently avoid cigar blunts. All of us watch comedies as well as horror movies and these types of movies are actually enhance while we are under the influence of marijuana. It’s a lot of fun to watch comedies as well as horror movies and these experiences are enhanced with weed. A drama or serious movie would not be as much fun as a comedy or B movie horror.

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