The judge missed a clearly cool opportunity

The two of us are in a nice mind frame right now.

The two of us got to share some great memories that involve marijuana.

Thanks to the problems with covid-19 the two of us lost our truly wonderful jobs. The corporation had to shut down and my friends and I were forced to find something different. Wouldn’t you think it’s at the Two of Us landed positions within many companies that actually perform drug tests. That means that the two of us had to take some time away from smoking cannabis. We wanted to pass the probationary time. This is easily the first time in multiple years that all of us have had a very long break. Our lungs are certainly happy but our brain is not. The two of us use cannabis constantly to soothe and help both of us go to sleep. Marijuana also helps us handle this dress even better. The two of us have only memories such as the time when the two of us judged a cannabis competition. The two of us don’t believe marijuana is easily judge, but they paid all of the judges with free weed samples and the two of us could not resist. During three days, my friends and I sampled many weird types of home-grown Cannabis sativa plants. There were lots of judges and after the end of the weekend, a single winner was tabulated and called the winner of that Year’s Cannabis Cup. Since my friends and I were able to judge the competition, it really was a nice time for the two of us.


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