Getting our medical weed card was easy

When our state legalized medical cannabis tons of people flocked to the dentists to get their medical weed card, and i procrastinated a bit.

I figured it would be very difficult to get a card.

I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money and I knew the dentist would make me sit in the waiting room. I would waste a whole day and not walk about with a cannabis card. I tried to wait our state out for recreational cannabis; My state is still being picky about it. I have since caved and now I am a medical marijuana patient. I was actually surprised at how easy everything was… The worst part was going to the dentist’s office! Once I got into the dentist it was a easy, more than four minute conversation about our sleeping problems, but she then wrote me a script for cannabis flower and oils. I then filled out some forms online and paid a very small fee, then within several weeks I had our medical mairjuana card. Recreational weed users in other states don’t have the potency and quantities that I get. I also have a wide range of THC and CBD amounts too. It was worth a little work to get our medical weed card. I now can get the exact product I need in order to sleep at evening. I vape cannabis oil right before bed. It only takes a few minutes before it hits me and I sleep enjoy a dream now. It doesn’t make our home or clothes stink either. I am not stoned out of our mind or paranoid. It is safe, easy and discreet.

Medical Marijuana