I stopped at the cannabis dispensary for a brownie

And man, I had such a blast with my friends from back then

I was pretty square when I was in school. Grades and Studies were absolutely pressing to me and I also had a pretty drastic fiance who had the same goals. Plus, I absolutely just never fit in with all the pigskin types and all that stuff that college men did back then. It just seemed to be either totally immature and childish, or it was simply just dangerous. This perception may have been the reason I never tried smoking recreational marijuana while I was in high school. It just seemed to be a deranged thing to do. I carried that fear of cannabis over to my undergrad nights. But when I was studying for my master degree, I provided weed with another chance. To my shock and awe, it was excellent and lifted lots of weight from my shoulders. Indeed, that experience with cannabis in grad school was a bit of an epiphany. I ended up with a job in academia and I continued to deeply appreciate cannabis products. Then, the state I live in legalized recreational marijuana so I was free to certainly shop for marijuana for sale. That was an experience in itself. Then I was invited back to my 30 highschool reunion, I made a stop at the local cannabis spot on the way. This was an absolutely wonderful system as I was then free to just be me and not worry about my accomplishments or anything like that. And man, I had such a blast with my friends from back then. I hadn’t seen any of them since I graduated school. Even my highschool fiance shared a pot brownie with me and every one of us had just an honest talk about life.

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