Not as hard to get a medical weed card as I thought

For a long time I wanted to get a medical cannabis card and just didn’t.

I figured getting medical weed would be next to impossible. Everything in my state is always difficult. I thought the amount of hoops I would need to jump and the money spent would be severe. Then out of the blue I heard that my friend Stella just got a medical cannabis card. She acted like it was no big deal. What really aggravated me is that I realized Stella only got a medical weed card because she likes to smoke weed. She didn’t even have a medical issue. I have anxiety and needed something to help keep my attacks at bay. I found out where my friend went to the doctor and made an appointment. In all honesty the worst part of the experience was waiting in the doctor’s office. They make you wait an hour no matter what for maybe a five minute appointment. The doctor just wanted to know why I wanted medical weed. When I explained my anxiety he immediately wrote a script for cannabis oil and flower. There, boom, done. I then had a code to fill out paperwork online and pay a fee for the medical marijuana card. Two weeks later I got my official card in the mail and was able to go to the medical cannabis dispensary near me. I talked to the budtender, bought a vape and some oil and was on my way to recovery. Stella was right, it was pretty easy to get medical cannabis.

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