I can't take advantage of edible cannabis products

I started consuming cannabis when I was just 18 years old.

I had a few friends in high school that offered me small amounts of weed on an ongoing basis.

Once I had finally gotten accepted into college and was virtually done with school as a senior, I caved and tried marijuana. The first two experiences left me confused and disappointed. Part of me certainly felt “relaxed,” but nothing comparable to what I experienced trying beer up to that point. Everything changed the third time I tried cannabis, as this time it was with a friend who kept telling me he had “crippy quality” weed, but I had no idea what that meant. After three hits off his bowl, the entire room felt like it was starting to spin. I ran into the bathroom and became horrified when I looked at my face. It looked like I was melting before my eyes, but when I clasped them my hands everything was where it should be. Thankfully these days I have gotten a little more experienced with cannabis consumption. I understand the difference between sativa strains and indica strains, as well as THC percentages and how to take it easy with products where I lack previous experience. I can look at the lab report of a particular cannabis product and know what kind of effects I can expect from the strain depending on which terpenes are dominant and in what ratios. Unfortunately, all of my cannabis knowledge does me no good with edibles because my liver can’t properly process THC like it does in normal users. I have to eat obscene amounts of THC to feel any effects whatsoever!
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