I have many different vaporizers

I’ve had asthmas for as long as I can remember.

I hated being that child in gym class that could never keep up with the rest, regardless of how well in shape I was physically. After a few minutes of continual movement, I would start panting and struggling to catch our breath. My parents took me to the pediatrician and he’s the one who took care of me, while prescribing several separate inhalers to use as needed… One inhaler was designated for times when I had chronic problems like colds, bouts of flu, or bronchitis for example. The other inhaler was administered for break-thru symptoms regardless of whether I have a chronic problem. If I lost our breath and could barely keep myself from passing out, that’s where this hour inhaler was to be used. My mom who had a similar case of asthma used her for even-handed asthma attacks where her respiratory system would start to seize and she’d be incapable of catching her breath while gasping for air. You’d believe that someone like me would never dream of smoking anything, even if it was just cannabis. However, I’m not the only one that knows THC can dilate the bronchi, it’s just that “smoking” is ill-fitted for medical purposes. That’s why medical marijuana physicians will usually recommend a vaporizer of some kind to their patients. My own medical marijuana physician asked me outright during the last visit if I had bought a vaporizer for my cannabis products and I proudly told him that I’ve had vaporizers of different sorts since 2010. I’m a taxing core vaporizer fanatic for cannabis.


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