Visiting the cannabis cafe

For our tenth wedding anniversary, Jane and I wanted to do something exciting, something neither one of us had ever done before.

Thankfully we are of a similar mindset, so while he craved a new experience, we didn’t want to do anything crazy like go skydiving, we wanted something a little more domestic, yet still exotic, and we settled on trying the new cannabis cafe.

Thankfully we were able to make reservations on the fly, because it turns out the cannabis cafe was booked for weeks in advance! Knowing the co-owner of the cannabis dispensary helped me find an extra table – it’s good to know people! We dressed up for the event, because the cannabis cafe wasn’t like a normal diner, it was a classy place with a small but high-end menu. We got a numerous course meal that came with salad, entree, and desert, with each course infused with strange kinds of cannabis buds and oils. The leafy red salad surprisingly contained no actual cannabis leaves, just a vinaigrette made from cannabis oil. The entree was honestly spectacular, a baked cod that had been stuffed with multiple kinds of marijuana, so the flavor infused the entire fish! It wasn’t until we finished our entrees that we realized how incredibly high we were getting from the edibles! Our desserts were pot brownies and a scoop of cannabis infused ice cream, and they were simply perfect! We took an Uber home, because after ingesting that much cannabis we were in no condition to drive back home from the cannabis dispensary