I’m invested in my life as a cannabis grower

Never before have I been so stoked to go to work.

That’s because I’m now full time into the marijuana business.

I left our boring corporate job as an engineer 2 years ago to be a cannabis grower full time. And it’s been everything I thought it would be in addition to more. However, there are 2 decades of being a secret cannabis grower that go into being able to get out on our own. Since middle school, I’ve been fascinated with cannabis products. It’s such a special, natural compound and it certainly got a genuinely poor reputation due to the scurrilous myths that were put out about it. But whatever lobby was behind those myths, they worked for a long time. So our cannabis growing was something I had to do in secret. While I do love recreational marijuana, it’s the botanical chemistry of cannabis products that has intrigued me all these years really. Almost all of the plants I’ve grown over the year in our experimentation as a cannabis grower has been given away. I sell it to trusted friends in addition to anonymously to those who need medical marijuana however simply couldn’t get it. That was a rewarding way to live while also going to our day job everyday. But now that the legal marijuana business appears to be here to stay, I’m so excited to make being a legal cannabis grower our only job. I’ve started out small however have the property in addition to strategy to scale up as much as I need to. Right now, I’m getting good response from our sativa products, our indica products in addition to the various hybrid strains I’ve engineered. I’m in many local in addition to regional cannabis dispensaries. It’s just so sweet to be doing this for a living.

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