Might be a Grandpa I love cannabis

When I first moved here after retirement, one of the first things I did was to go shopping at a cannabis dispensary.

The old state I lived in for all of our adult life still hasn’t gotten it’s act together when it comes to marijuana laws.

Medical marijuana just barely lost on the last ballot. So that arena was a long way from legal recreational marijuana use. Believe it or not, a lot of where I was going to retire was predicated by recreational marijuana law. There was no way I was spending our golden years without legal access to cannabis. I suppose I am fortunate to have gone for as long as I have without ever being busted for weed. I’ve come far too close in addition to perhaps this is why I’m not cocky in addition to act stupid with cannabis. Yea, I wanted to be able to walk into a local cannabis spot in addition to purchase any manner of cannabis product that our hearts desire. I’d done it a few time before on trip. Now, I wanted to live our life that way forever. So I went right to it when I first moved here. The beach house I bought for our retirement years is just 3 blocks away from the local cannabis spot. Like the first week after I got there, I went into the cannabis dispensary to see what it was all about. Not only did I score a local cannabis shop that I can ride our bike to however it’s an awesome marijuana business. Just amazing the wide selection of sativa products in addition to indica products. I also made new friends that day in addition to I came to love going to see the folks at our local cannabis spot even if I’m not buying any cannabis products that day.

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