The annual Trip out west became a cannabis dispensary tour

My fiance Jo in addition to I have constantly enjoyed using recreational marijuana so it sort of boggles my mind why it took us this long to make cannabis the focus of a trip. We both work a lot in addition to building a nice life for ourselves. Our kids are basically raised. The youngest has another year and a half left to finish his undergraduate degree. But basically, all of us have become empty nesters. So this last trip, all of us decided to go west in addition to made local cannabis spots the focus of the trip. That trip was as much fun to program as it was to partake in actually. We had a lot of fun looking up the cannabis dispensaries that were near the sites all of us wanted to visit. Plus, Jo found some bus tours all of us could incorporate into the experience. That meant Jo didn’t have to hassle with renting a car. I was a bit resistant to the tour thing. But going to see a neat winery just down the block from an even cooler cannabis grower sort of changed our mind. It really was a very magical trip. And all of us found some hybrid strains for sale that we’d never even heard of, much less tried using. Yet, it was making all the good friends that was really the surprise for me. But then after some good wine tasting followed by an appealing selection of cannabis products at a nearby cannabis dispensary can lead to fun. We were so into this other sexy couple who were experiencing much the same stage of life as all of us were. In fact, all 4 of us are planning another cannabis trip with that couple for later in the year. We don’t live too far from each other in addition to will shift our local cannabis tour to a state a little bit closer this time.
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