The best spot in town is right next to the local cannabis spot

I had heard that the local cannabis spot had opened up an eatery or something just around the corner from where they are located.

  • This cannabis dispensary is the best in the city and I’m so lucky to call it my local cannabis spot.

The place has just the widest variety of marijuana for sale that I think I’ve ever seen. I know for a fact that my local cannabis spot has the best selection of cannabis products anywhere in town if not the state. The folks who opened this cannabis dispensary came here from out of state and brought with them the know how on doing a cannabis dispensary right. It’s like going into a find food and wine store but it’s all cannabis products. The area is well lit and rivals any sort of retail outlet anywhere much less a cannabis dispensary. So when I heard that this new cannabis cafe was something that they were doing, I knew it was going to be so on point. And of course, it was. The cannabis edibles are made onsite each and every day. To say they are divine is to understate the obvious. All of the cannabis edibles I’ve sampled were insanely good. Even the pot brownie was the best I’d ever tried by miles and miles. To top it all off, the coffee in that cafe is maybe the best I’ve had. What a great addition to our end of town. Not only do we have the best cannabis dispensary in town but it sits next to the single best spot in town now that the cannabis cafe is open.


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