Cannabis delivery saved my butt!

When recreational cannabis first got legalized in our locale, I visited the dispensary a bunch of times.

I sampled all of the edibles, bought a few tinctures and tried out pre-rolls.

I strictly bought stuff for recreational enjoyment. All that had to change when I became involved in a horrific vehicle accident, but despite a lengthy stay in the hospital and extensive physical therapy, I was in a great deal of physical pain. I was unable to return to our correct life. I struggled to go up and down the stairs, sleep or even rest for long. I came to believe that cannabis could help me. I’d read up on the curative properties of the plant. The cannabinoids which are found in the plant interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system of the body to promote homeostasis. My greatest problem was trying to get to the weed dispensary. When I looked up their website, I discovered that the weed dispensary offers delivery in our local area. I am able to shop online. I can look at photos and read descriptions of the products. I can search by consumption methods, cost, brands, strains, weights and potency of THC and CBD. It’s harshly easy to add products to our digital cart and checkout. All of our information is saved and as long as I spend a specific amount, delivery is free. The dispensary prepares the packages, texts me an estimated time of arrival and then a driver shows up at our door. I’ve found cannabis vital to our recovery process. While pharmaceuticals left me feeling sleepy and nauseous, this is a natural remedy that treats our symptoms without side-effects.

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