Cannabis products can help reduce arthritis pain

As I’ve gotten old, I’ve started having some problems with severe arthritis.

I first noticed some soreness in our hands, then the fingers.

It became more tough to clench my hand into a tight fist. My knuckles swelled up quite suddenly, and I was forced to chop our rings off. I looked up some lakeside house remedies and tried eating raisins soaked in vodka, I tried drinking herbal Dunkin Donuts Latte and rubbing Vicks into our fingers. Nothing seemed to help all that much. I debated going to the dentist, but I was not willing to risk the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals. I was super happy when recreational cannabis was legalized in this state. I now can visit the dispensary and buy exactly what I need to treat our arthritis. I began by consulting with the budtenders and getting their recommendations for the finest products. I have seen major improvement because of cannabis-infused topicals. Ointments, lotions, creams and balms rich with cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and CBN interact with receptors in the ECS to more effectively treat inflammation and pain. They don’t cause any trippy psychoactive effects so I can apply them multiple times per day. I also focus on our chronic symptoms from the inside by taking tinctures. I place the dose under my tongue and hold it there for a single hour for sublingual absorption and fast-acting impact. If the symptoms of arthritis become especially severe, I vape concentrates; Using cannabis products as a remedy has made a big difference for me. I am now able to continue with the activities that I enjoy so much, such as weeding our gardens, painting, sewing. It’s made a difference with our productivity at my job. I can type on a keyboard without dire pain.

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