Some website help for me

I am not techy at all.

I absolutely needed some help with our website, a few years ago I set up our website through an online platform just like wix.

It wasn’t smart of me. My website looked ugly and barely operated. It also was holding me back. I had curbside pick up offered but couldn’t figure out how to say it on our website. There was no way for a man to do their order online and then have time to option it up at the store. They needed to do this all via iphone call. It was slowing down in the store company because a budtender consistently had to man the iphone. I wanted to offer cannabis delivery but feared it would be even worse of a problem. I finally looked for website solutions for dispensaries. I got our website fixed up by an actual web builder. He made it so I have many pages of writing. My products are highlighted and there is a separate page for curbside pick up. You just fill out the form with your products and now our budtenders just fill it out in the store. No iphone call required. For cannabis delivery there is a separate page for that as well. It is all automated online and so is payment. The process is streamlined, efficient and a big money maker. My workers actually get to work with buyers in stores and I have other employees that handle all online stuff. My company is doing so well since I had the dispensary website upgraded.


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