The librarian caught someone smoking cannabis

The school librarian, named Gene, called me late on Sunday.

I was already on our way condo for the day plus I was surprised to get a call from my school.

I decided to answer although I was already gone for the day. Gene told me that she found some youngsters smoking marijuana out back by the loading docks. I asked Gene plus she was 100% sure that the youngsters were using recreational marijuana. Gene explained that the scent was distinctive plus she was undoubtedly positive. I turned our vehicle right around plus headed back to the school. I was only a few miles away when the iPhone rang. I drove into the parking lot by the office plus I walked down to the library. The door was locked, so I stopped. Gene came to the door. She had all many of the youngsters stuck inside of the library plus Gene refused to release any of them until I arrived. I did not think any of the students from our regional school district. I got the names of each 1 of the students. One of the young people was a junior plus another was a sophomore. I have no clue why they were hanging out at the middle school, however these youngsters were in a whole lot of trouble. I made each 1 of them call their parents plus I did not release the young people until an adult came to option them up plus talk to me about the marijuana incident. Gene and I take drugs on the school campus undoubtedly seriously. Gene could have called the police.

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