The pre-rolls are just so convenient

I’ve enjoyed smoking cannabis flowers for years.

  • While there are all sorts of consumption methods which are available at my dispensary that might be far more discreet and simple to use, nothing compares to the experience of puffing on a freshly rolled joint.

The problem with smokable flower is the skill it takes to roll the perfect joint or blunt. There is quite a lot of gear that is required, including papers, a rolling tray, lighter and ashtray. It causes mess, ash, smoke, and pungent odors. I’m also not all that nice at creating the perfect joint. I tend to either pack the rolling paper too full or not deliver enough flower. I can’t seem to manage a tight, narrow roll and struggle with twisting the ends. Then I am disappointed with a horribly inconsistent burn. The joint either burns up way too fast or I get this giant ash dangling at the end. I’ve figured out that our best choice is to purchase pre-rolls at the marijuana dispensary. I can buy them in affordable singles to absolutely try new strains or choose multi-packs of our number ones. There are options that are infused with weed dust for extra potency. There are all sorts of indicas, sativas and hybrids in everything from sky-high THC to high CBD potency. The terpenes vary from earthy to citrus, and I love that the effects kick in hastily. When I purchase pre-rolls, they are consistent and perfect every time. I can trust that they are filled with nice quality bud without seeds or stems. Instead of wasting time and money by getting exasperated trying to roll a nice joint, I can rest back and appreciate the high.

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