Changing dad’s mind about medical weed

My father has some pretty strict ideas.

I guess it sounds funny now what his ideas are since he is so different.

My father used to be very against cannabis. He used to talk to me about the use of marijuana and how it would turn me into a mindless pothead. He thought that by getting loud and demanding, I would listen to him and do whatever he said to me. Instead, I became rebellious. When I turned 21, I opened a medical cannabis dispensary. I knew how medical marijuana could help people with numerous illnesses. My father had papers made up about marijuana turning the youth of today into irresponsible potheads. He didn’t even try to understand that a medical cannabis dispensary was just that. When he found out I wouldn’t put flyers in or around my cannabis store, he got miserable. I had never seen my father so miserable, nor do I ever want to see it again. I couldn’t believe what a turnaround he did, when my mother had breast cancer. The doctor suggested medical marijuana to ease mom’s difficulties with the chemotherapy. Suddenly, my father was an advocate of medical marijuana, and no longer preaching about it turning people into potheads. He really got to see what medical weed can do for chronic pain, nausea and the effects of chemo. I was able to give him information and teach him something for once. My dad should have listened to me from the start. I am still angry about that.
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