Expanding variety of edibles

Most everyone has heard of pot brownies or cannabis-infused gummies.

In recent years the market for cannabis edibles has expanded rapidly.

For a short time, all sorts of new companies were packaging a wide variety of run and interesting edibles. However, these options weren’t always properly tested or even safe. They didn’t always taste very good. There were stale baked goods and chunky beverages being sold to consumers. While more strenuous regulations and restrictions have emerged, making it much more difficult to produce and sell cannabis edibles. Today’s products need to meet strict standards and comply with labeling requirements. Consumers are provided a lot more information, including THC levels to help with dosing. Some of the larger dispensaries include on-site bakeries where they create and sell their own customized array of edibles. Along with the familiar standards, there are no all kinds of chocolates, chews, hard candies, cookies, rice krispy treats and mints. There are cannabis infused cooking oils, pasta sauces and tinctures that allow consumers to make their own edibles at home. There is a growing selection of cannabis-infused beverages. Selzers, tonics, sodas, iced teas and non-alcoholic beers are some of the more popular options. The beverages help to avoid the high calorie content of more traditional edibles. Plus, due to sublingual absorption of cannabinoids, the effects can set in within fifteen minutes. When consuming foods, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract. It can take several hours before the full effects are realized. Because of this, consumers should start with a very low dose of an edible and wait for full-effects before eating more.

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