I get 30% off our next purchase

I went to the dispensary Last year to stock up on medical marijuana supplies.

It was getting close to the end of the week as well as I wanted to make sure that I filled our entire prescription before it renewed.

If I don’t fill up the prescription, occasionally I run out the next week. Some days I have heavier pain than others so I never really think how much marijuana I am going to consume from time to time. One of our number one dispensaries has a first-time patient special. They offer the first time patient special every time you renew your medical marijuana card. The first time patient special price is 50% off your purchase, however last time I renewed, I got the coupon as well as I just renewed it a couple of weeks ago, but when I went to the dispensary Last year I got 50% off our whole purchase. I also found out that I am going to get 30% off of our next purchase. The extra 30% off special is for all repeat shoppers. I was pretty happy to hear about the hour special. It’s nice to get a good deal on medical marijuana. It happens so infrequently around here, because the prices are stiff. I am going to try to wait to use the sale coupon until they have a sale on marijuana distillate syringes. The marijuana distillate syringes are normally $60 each. 30% off would make them a lot more affordable. The distillate syringes are a single of the nicest products. They taste good as well as they can be dabbed in a vaporizer just enjoy live resin.


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