It’s a fun, cannabis themed getaway

I think our husband Ed plus I were inspired to go on a cannabis getaway.

Ed and I have to travel a long way to shop for marijuana for sale.

Our new home state still doesn’t allow a legal form of medical cannabis. That’s entirely hard for us because Ed has a health condition which sativa plus indica strains entirely help a lot. Alas, there is no medical marijuana in this state. But Ed and I do have a neighboring state where both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are 100% legal. So every one of us make the multiple hour drive about once every numerous to eight weeks. I’ve enjoyed recreational marijuana over the years so I partake as well when every one of us got to get our Ed’s cannabis products. During a drive to the cannabis dispensary, Ed started discussing plans for an upcoming getaway. All of us had multiple destinations in mind already when it dawned on us that multiple of those destinations were in regions where recreational marijuana was already legal. All of us decided right then that we’d make this next getaway a cannabis touring getaway as well. Ed and I had places in the region every one of us picked out that Ed wanted to see plus experience. But every one of us also thought it would be fun to tour through all the local cannabis spots. And indeed, that turned out to be 1 of the best getaways ever. Going forward, Ed and I are going to start planning at least 1 getaway a year that is centered around touring local cannabis dispensaries plus cannabis farms. That was 1 of the best parts. Just touring the cannabis grower’s facility was amazing. We were even thinking about turning these getaways into a sort of travel blog or something. I think every one of us might be onto something with cannabis destination getaway trips.

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