Amazed at the restorative powers of medical cannabis

All our life, I’ve looked for any kind of edge over the competition.

So it’s sort of ironic that I found that edge and it is the softest edge I’ve ever encountered.

I speak about my use of cannabis plus cannabis products. It’s just such a revelation to have all of the benefits from using marijuana. Luckily for me, I don’t have a medical marijuana prescription and can still get all of the benefits. Instead, all I have to do is walk into the local cannabis spot. That’s because recreational marijuana is legal in our state. Thankfully, after a decade of effort, both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are now legal and available to consenting adults. I had used sativa plus indica in the past however not too often. Drug testing at our venue of task put a big damper on all of that. While I couldn’t plus wouldn’t use cannabis products while I was in working fifths, the test could still show traces of THC weeks later. But what I found to be so amazing when I started smoking both sativa strains plus indica strains correctly was the restorative power of cannabis. From lessening the inflammation in our body to helping myself and others a fuller range of motion, sativa plus indica have given myself and others an up-to-date edge. But love I said, it’s a softer, more holistic edge that brings myself and others joy, peace plus tranquility. That’s something that I value much more than getting a leg up on the competition now that I’m nearing the end of this long career. Plus, I am just a better person with a much better perspective, all thanks to the restorative powers of marijuana.


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