I have to say that cannabis is best thing about retirement

For the rest of our life, which isn’t saying too much anymore, I’ll never forget the look on Bob’s face when he walked in our up-to-date condo.

Immediately, Bob smelled the distinctive odor of marijuana. And then when I lit up some marijuana, Bob looked as though he would never seen myself and others before. That person was doing something that was just so unlike anything his dad ever did. I laughed plus continued on. This was the first time that I had openly used recreational marijuana in front of Bob, however yep, Bob is a 40 year outdated person plus I am almost seventy so enough with the posturing. I never pretended to not enjoy cannabis when Bob was growing up. In fact, I made sure that on option I used sativa or indica. It’s just that Bob didn’t recognize it. But when he asked myself and others about recreational marijuana back after that I didn’t lie to Bob. When Bob was in high school he inquired about recreational marijuana. And I told Bob that every person should be able to choose for themselves as it’s a natural product. I also told Bob that it would be smart to wait until College to make his mind up for himself. That’s as far as the discussion went until the day Bob visited our up-to-date retirement condo. Since it was just Bob plus none of our grand youngsters, I felt free to just be authentic about our cannabis use. And sure enough, Bob told myself and others he enjoyed sativa strains as well. Bob and I had a fine visit plus it even included a trip to the local cannabis spot. I have to say Bob was quite impressed with our local cannabis spot. Apparently his cannabis dispensary just does not measure up.

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