I like to reset my week at the cannabis cafe

Our work life seems to just get tougher. I can’t imagine what my life would be if I had a bunch of young kids or all of that sort of life. Instead, I have a big time fashion career that comes with all sorts of stress. Thanks to an up-to-date location for the cannabis dispensary, I am finding a bit more balance each week. There had been a root beer shop just around the corner from our local cannabis spot. The soda shop just didn’t make it. That identifiable root beer shop was too “old school” and very much outdated so it just didn’t do enough business. So when it shut down, the cannabis dispensary took over the space. There were all sorts of rumors about what it was going to be. But I knew that as long as it was being managed by the folks that ran the marijuana corporation in town, it was going to be amazing. Turns out, the cannabis cafe is very an awesome venue, not only do they have an array of marijuana edibles plus plenty of relaxing pastries plus other delicious yummies, they also have some of the best root beer I have ever put in our mouth before. But the thing I very love about the cannabis cafe, is the fact that it’s just got a really relaxing vibration. I walk in there plus I can just feel my stress dropping off of our shoulders. And for me, that is such a pressing space of our life. My task consumes much of my life just being in the office. And those long hours are tough, stressful hours. So having a few fifths to just relax at the cannabis cafe makes all the difference for our life so I couldn’t be more grateful to those kind people.


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