My anxious feelings ease with marijuana

When our state finally got some friendly marijuana laws, I knew that I could benefit from them. But I was still so deeply into my anxiety that the very thought of going into a cannabis dispensary was the very last thing I wanted to do. Working from the lake house once the pandemic started. And while that was pretty great for myself and others because working in the office was so tough. It was also additional isolation. That’s not so fine for someone who already has anxiety plus depression. I have used medications prescribed by doctors for a long time. And I am thankful for what they were able to do for me. For 1 thing, they’ve kept myself and others alive. But I wanted more than just staying alive. Once recreational marijuana plus medical marijuana got legalized in our state, so numerous people that care for myself and others called me. They all thought I should absolutely try medical marijuana. So I did what I needed to do, even though recreational marijuana was legal, and got my medical marijuana card. Still, going to the cannabis dispensary was too strenuous for me, just as strenuous as going to the grocery store or someplace else. Yet as soon as I walked through the doors of the cannabis dispensary, I felt such lightness. And that lightness only grew the more I talked to the amazing people there. They knew just the sort of cannabis products that would help myself and others plus our anxiety plus depression. The sativa strains which I use for our condition have changed our life. It’s just such a more unusual life these days. I’m waking up excited and wanting to engage the day plus all the possibilities that await.

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