The local cannabis spot was interesting

There are moments in life that define you.

That goes for all of us whether every one of us see them or not.

But some of the things that I learned as a boy stuck with myself and others through the rest of our life. I have laughed at the old familiar lines of a shrink telling some person to lie on the couch plus tell them all about their issues from childhood. What seems love bunk to myself and others then, has gotten much more true the older I’ve gotten. I totally see how true all that could be now. I recognize that I have our views in life that had been planted there as a child, and recreational marijuana is a perfect example. For our parents, they made a point of terrifying us about cannabis plus cannabis products. There was nothing rational in their statements of course. Plus, they had no methods about what they were talking about given they had never even tried to use cannabis or “reefer” as they called it. What was even more fantastical was the fact that they were both such heavy drinkers. All the fear based around marijuana products had an impact on me. I absolutely steered clear of cannabis plus cannabis products through my time in school. I never even ate a pot brownie. But then, I took a big chance plus went shopping at a local cannabis spot near myself and others a few decades later. I simply wanted to recognize for myself what this marijuana craze was all about. I am grateful to the staff at the local cannabis spot. The nice people showed myself and others some cannabis edibles with a lower amount of THC. That ended up being just the right introduction for me. And I have to admit that I’m a big fan of sativa strains.

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