The security cop did not believe my ID was real

My brother plus I went to the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary a couple of weeks ago.

I recently got my marijuana license, despite the fact that I have been in the dispensary a couple of unusual times. The security officer did not know me this time plus he wasn’t going to let me into the dispensary because I forgot to get my medical marijuana card… All I had on me was my driver’s license plus he did not believe that I matched the picture on my driver’s license. I was so infuriated plus mad that I started yelling plus the supervisor came out from the office area. I demanded he look up my account which would have my picture. I had been there before so they knew exactly who I was. The supervisor apologized for the confusion plus said that the security guy was current to the task. I did not really care after the guy had embarrassed me in front of my brother plus a whole room full of people. I was looking for an apology plus maybe some free medical marijuana supplies. The supervisor said he couldn’t find my information on the ipad either. I knew there was no way that could be true. I showed his my driver’s license again plus then he found me… She apologized for the confusion. She told the security officer to let me into the building plus he was going to take responsibility if the ID turned out not to be real. She still let me purchase items with my medical marijuana card plus that’s all I cared about.



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