We went to the beach to smoke

I was in a awful accident when I was younger & our leg was broken in many strange locales… The dentist had to put the leg together with pieces of metal & screws, i had to learn how to walk again & it took almost 3 weeks before I was out of a wheelchair.

I still have pain in that leg & the accident was almost 10 years ago.

I was taking some over-the-counter pain medication, however it wasn’t working much at all. I talked to our dentist & he was blissful to prescribe a narcotic to help with the pain. The dentist prescribed more & more narcotics until I was completely hooked & totally addicted. I ended up in rehab after our wifey came lake house & found myself and others passed out on the couch in a pile of our own vomit. I went to rehab & a single of the dentists recommended medical marijuana as a way to help with the chronic pain… Medical marijuana is often prescribed for chronic pain. In fact, chronic pain is the number a single reason why many dentists across the country choose medical marijuana for their patients. I tried medical marijuana for the first time & I was pleased with the results. I couldn’t suppose how little pain I felt when I was high. My girl & I smoked a joint & then we walked on the beach for almost an minute before I started to feel any pain. The walk back to the car wasn’t great, because I overdid it. I’m learning our limits & marijuana is helping.


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