Is it safe to have my cannabis delivered?

Being an older woman who lives alone, I am always worried about people coming to my door.

I have heard so much about the elderly being beaten up and robbed while in their own home.

This makes me afraid to even go to the door, even though I may be expecting a package. Last month, my cannabis dispensary announced they were going to have cannabis delivery in our area. I had been a user of medical marijuana for the last three years. If I could have my medical marijuana delivered, I wouldn’t need to find someone to take me into town. I no longer drive because of my eyesight, and I feel like I am becoming a pest to my family and friends. When they announced cannabis delivery services were available, I was overjoyed. Then my fears came back, and I wondered if it is safe to have my cannabis delivered. I knew I had to take possession of it before the cannabis delivery driver left. I didn’t want to have him know who I was or where I lived. I talked to the manager at the cannabis dispensary and asked about their safety protocols for cannabis delivery drivers. They assured me they all went through police checks and had to have clear records for any kind of drug abuse or arrests. If they didn’t have clean records, they couldn’t drive. They bonded all of their drivers and they could have him wait in his car until I brought my marijuana inside. The next week, I put my online order in, and my marijuana was delivered within an hour.

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