Medical cannabis is now legal in this state

The west coast was the first place to legalize recreational and medical marijuana products.

I thought that this state would be the last place to say yes to Medical marijuana.

I was happily surprised when I found out that the law had passed. I voted for legalization, but it was really going to be a long shot I thought to get it done. It turns out that most of the voters in the state agreed on regulating medical marijuana and allowing the public to access it. 86% of the voters agreed with the bill. On the 1st of the year, the very first medical marijuana clinic opened up to the public. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to get a doctor to give you a prescription. There are only a couple of places throughout the state that will give you a prescription for medical marijuana and these places charge a fortune because they know that they can. I’ve been waiting for multiple years for the laws to change and now that they have I still can’t access medical cannabis. I have been thinking a lot about moving to the West Coast where medical and recreational marijuana is legal. They’re certainly are a lot of states over there where marijuana is legal and that means there are lots of job opportunities. I mentioned moving across the country to my girlfriend and she didn’t seem like it was a very good idea to her, so I don’t think she would go with me if I decided to make the move. That means I would have to go alone if I decided to take a job over there.

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