The dispensaries were closed on New Year's Day

This year on New Year’s day, all of the local marijuana dispensaries were closed.

I was pretty bummed out when I heard the news, because I needed marijuana that day and there were no places open.

I had a party at my place on New Year’s Eve and I got out my stash of marijuana products. I didn’t think we would smoke everything in my stash box, but we did. I probably had close to an ounce of marijuana in the box and everything was gone in the morning when I woke up. My friends and I had a great time on new year’s, so I would never complain that all of the marijuana was gone. I contacted the marijuana dispensary near me to see what their holiday hours were and that’s when I found out that my favorite place was closed for the day. I wasn’t surprised, but I was definitely disappointed. I looked at another one of the local marijuana shops and it was closed too. I looked at five different places near me and all of them were closed for New Year’s day. I spent the entire day having to bum marijuana off of friends. No one seemed to mind, but I hate being the person that doesn’t have any marijuana. The next day when the marijuana shop was open, I went to the dispensary to pick up some supplies. I actually got some pretty good deals. I didn’t think there would be any sales or specials after the new year but there were several by one and get one for half off sales in the dispensary near me.

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