All in on cannabis after illness

There really is something to nearly losing your life that helps you appreciate just how much life is worth living.

But thanks to cannabis products, great doctors and all the support from friends and family, I’m getting to appreciate my life completely.

I don’t think this ever happened prior to my cancer diagnosis. My life was always about working more to get more and just achieve, achieve and achieve some more. Along the way, I sort of lost the perspective that life is also all about living. And working all the time isn’t exactly living as I’ve come to find out. The indica products I used during my cancer treatment really helped me out. It was very fortunate that if I was going to have cancer, at least I could access the cannabis dispensary easily to ge my indica strains. The indica helped me so much when it came to the side effects of the treatments. The folks at the local cannabis spot also suggested that I mix in some sativa strains or sativa dominant hybrid strains for sale there in the cannabis dispensary. I did just that and it was such a great compliment to the indica strains. I found this hope and positive perspective that I didn’t think I even possessed. These days, I’m living life but I’ve sure kept up with the sativa and indica strains. I’m all in on cannabis and the impact that marijuana has had on my life. Gone are the days of worrying about stuff I can’t control thanks to sativa and indica strains. I’ll forever be grateful for the support the cannabis products gave me during the fight of my life. And I’m glad they have helped me change my approach to my everyday life.