Cannabis delivery and online shopping are awesome

I remember when the first medical marijuana dispensary arrived in town. I was so thankful that this had finally happened. For sure, I had been a lifelong recreational marijuana user and also new the benefits of cannabis products. But medical marijuana also coincided with me getting sick. I was able to acquire a medical marijuana card and access the cannabis dispensary. While I was so thankful to be able to get weed that was legal. I was also thankful to be getting marijuana that I knew something about. The THC content was clear as was whether it was sativa or indica. In those early days of medical marijuana in this state, there weren’t a ton of hybrid strains for sale. Well, fast forward quite a few years and I can hardly believe the changes in my local cannabis dispensary. First, I think there are about 8 marijuana businesses in town these days and this in not a city. But my local cannabis spot has a selection of cannabis products that are hard to believe. There are all sort of sativa and indica strains. But the number of hybrid strains for sale is exponentially more than we ever had access to buying. Yet, it’s the convenience of shopping for marijuana for sale that really blows me away. All I have to do is go online to shop for marijuana for sale. And then the cannabis delivery service simply brings it to my door. It’s almost too good to be true. I don’t even have to go inside the local cannabis spot if I’m short on time. The marijuana delivery service brings the cannabis products to me. That’s such a far cry from what was offered at that first medical marijuana dispensary.


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