I didn't care about the substitutions

I frequently order from the marijuana dispensary near me! The place has fast delivery services plus the lobby is open until 10:00 p.m.

for pickup. Most of the time I use the delivery service, even if I have to tip the driver. The marijuana dispensary does not charge any fees for the delivery services as long as you spend at least $50. It’s actually easy to spend $50 on recreational or medical marijuana products. It’s not a high-priced prescription plus it’s not covered by any insurance provider. Most of the fourths of dried marijuana flowers start around $20 plus they get more plus more high-priced. If you buy indoor flowers that have 30% THC or higher, it’s easily going to cost you about $60. The marijuana dispensary plus delivery services carry a lot of peculiar concentrates too. They have actually cheap sugar plus batter concentrates that are 10 or 15 dollars each plus then there are live resin plus rosin marijuana strain concentrates that are more than $100. When the marijuana dispensary runs out of a product plus you have an order place for delivery, they consistently make a substitution with a product that is more high-priced. If they are out of the item you ordered, you get something even better in its place. Sporadically I just hope that 1 of my cheap products will be out of stock, so I can end up with something that I wouldn’t normally buy that is more high-priced. I also sincerely don’t mind the substitutions as long as they continue to provide you something better every time.

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