I had plans to stay at my lakeside home plus get stoned

It has been raining so much this week plus the rain really makes myself and others a lot more sleepy plus depressed.

I cannot imagine living in a place where it rains all of the time; People in the Pacific Northwest must be some of the most depressed and sad people in the whole world, because it is raining 300 afternoons out of the year. I get concerned when it rains more than two afternoons in a row. I knew that it was going to be raining this weekend, so I made plans to stay at my lakeside home plus get stoned. I told my friends not to bother calling myself and others to go to a club or a bar. I was going to order more than one giant pizzas on Sunday plus munch on them for the whole weekend. I also planned to get a 12 pack of carona plus a bottle of rum. I also ordered recreational marijuana from a dispensary near myself and others that have delivery services. The only thing I had to leave the home for was the carona plus the rum. The pizzas plus the recreational marijuana were both delivered right to my front door. After I got sufficiently stoned, I played some video games plus watched a brand current film. After that, I had a little more of the marijuana joint plus I drank a couple of beers plus some vodka. Everything after that was a little bit of a blur. I don’t remember going to sleep, even though I did not wake up on Sunday until it was afternoon. I entirely slept 12 sold hours. I woke up feeling energized plus I quickly wanted to hang out with my chums.


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